Event hosts are always searching for unique entertainment! Tattoo Kool provides many different services and treatments that offer entertainment that is brand new and designed to add zing and pizzazz to any event. All guests love to sparkle and feel special! Applications of temporary tattoos, eyelid jewels, flash tattoos, eyeblack and much more are a fun lighthearted addition to any party that all guests love!

Intended for females and guys alike, our vast variety of options, compliment guest’s personalities and attire. Selections include wild, flashy, discreet, colorful that add glitz to any partygoer! Taking only minutes to apply, guests will enjoy the attention and “look” throughout the event!

Here is a list of our complete services we offer for all events:

Hand Painted Tattoos
Crystal Body Art
Glitter Tattoos
Tinsel Hair Bling
Hair Feathers
Kool Clothing
Flash Tattoos
Hair Extensions
Boho Gem Tattoos
Braid Bar
and more!