What To Expect

TATTOO KOOL’s artists and staff are known for providing a professional and delightfully stress-free event entertainment experience.

Event entertainment activity options that are fun, exciting and appealing to people of all ages and gender, is the key to a successful event. Tattoo Kool’s event entertainment packages explode with the right amount of interest and adventure to ensure lots of giggles from all guests!

Artists have been on staff for years and are long standing friends, relatives or related through another staff member. This guarantees not only a successful working relationship, but ensures that at every event, a talented, capable and reliable person will be in attendance. Training is extensive and complete in all areas of our event entertainment options. Artists strive to be personable, well groomed and punctual in arriving at the appropriate set up time.

los angeles event entertainmentAt most events, one artist for a minimum of three hours per event entertainment package, is generally a sufficient amount of time. If, however, an event is very large, clients may consider one or two additional artists, ensuring a shorter guest wait and completion time.

Prior to each event, event entertainment supplies and products are checked and restocked to ensure an adequate supply for all guests. All you need to do is prearrange for the availability of tables, chairs and an outlet, as needed for the chosen entertainment package. We do the rest!

Artists arrive usually one hour early to begin set up. At the designated start time, artists are fully prepared to begin a professional and truly outstanding event entertainment experience for you and your guests! Approximately, fifteen minutes prior to ending the entertainment, an artist will inquire if you want to add more time. You will be informed whether or not there are guests desiring tattoos. You have the option at that time to continue or end the entertainment.


Artists arrive early to set up. Please arrange, one hour prior to start time, for the availability of:

For TOO KOOL TATTOOS: ONE, 6-foot table, FOUR sturdy chairs and electrical outlet.
For TOO KOOL KRYSTALS: ONE, 6-foot table, FOUR sturdy chairs and electrical outlet.
For TOO KOOL KLOTHING: TWO, 8-foot tables, two sturdy chairs and electrical outlet.
For TOO KOOL LASHES & EYELID JEWELS: ONE, 6-foot table, TWO bar stools and electrical outlet.

Set ups must be located in an enclosed/covered area and space for an easel/display. Cool locations, require a space heater. Travel fees may be added for “out of the Los Angeles area” venues. Final payment in full, including any overtime, parking, travel, or other fees are expected at our designated ending time.