Hair Feathers

Hair Feathers

For people who love the boho festival vibe Hair Feathers are the perfect fit!

Hair feathers are created by first selecting from a tastefully designed display board. Beautiful premium feathers, available in every imaginable color are then selected to create an appealing look. Talented artists hand place every feather in the desired location, using a gentle, non-toxic adhesive. In just minutes, a beautifully feathered look is revealed!

In addition to the standard patterns presented at most events, stunning more ornate designs are available upon request. Due to time constraints in applications of an elaborate design, these “statement” applications be may not be possible at some events.

Hair Feather Entertainment includes:
One artist. (Additional artists are available.)
Three hour minimum. (Client may increase time period.)
Products, display and lights.

Client shall supply:
ONE 6-foot table, FOUR sturdy chairs and electrical outlet.

Booking requires Signed General Agreement and Deposit.
Call for reasonable pricing fees.

So, whether you are having a large event, want a special “look” for an outfit, or just ‘trying out the feel’ of a real tattoo, contact Tattoo Kool for that perfect touch!


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