Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Realistic temporary, hand painted tattoo body art is the same nontoxic, FDA approved design transfers, body paints, products and materials used in the motion picture industry.

Select your realistic tattoo from a tastefully designed display, boasting over 150 state-of-the-art designs. Theme options include beautiful, cute, wild, crazy, exotic, children, biker, Celtic, Asian, tribal symbols, adult, teen, personalized (your name) designs. Our fabulous array of fun and unique tattoo body art choices will appeal to every age and gender.

Vibrant colors of body paint, glitters, colored powder shimmers and hand written names may be added to enhance and customize each exciting design.

Tattoos take only minutes to apply, dry immediately, last for days and sometimes weeks! Resistant to water, body art may be easily removed with alcohol or baby oil. Best of all, applications don’t hurt!

Too Kool Tattoo Entertainment includes:
One artist. (Additional artists are available.)
Three hour minimum. (Client may increase time period.)
Products, display and lights.

Client shall supply:
ONE 6-foot table, FOUR sturdy chairs and electrical outlet.

Booking requires Signed General Agreement and Deposit.
Call for reasonable pricing fees.


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